Living The Good Life In Your Adult Years

Are you ready to retire, sell the home and move on? You have worked your whole life, the kids are grown, and settled. Now it’s your turn to start having fun again. How about moving to phoenix arizona 55 plus communities? It’s time to start investigating your options. There are numerous retirement communities scattered around the U.S.
Florida is one of the number one destinations for seniors. It has year-round warm climates, beaches, the Gulf, golfing, fishing, swimming, and outdoor recreation. There’s only one problem, the humidity is quite intense. Along with humidity, come rain.


Florida is known for its sudden downpours, thunderstorms and most notably lightning strikes. If driving in the rain, humidity, and beaches, are not your thing, then head out West to the other hot spot for seniors.
Arizona, home to the original active adult communities in phoenix az. Arizona, too offers year-round warm climates, with plenty of outdoor activities as well. There are boating options too, however a little bit further than would be in Florida. Perhaps boating is not your thing anyway. The main difference between Arizona and Florida is, the climate, it is much drier in Arizona. This makes breathing easier for some folks. This may be a major factor, when considering where to move to. It does get hot in the Summers, with temperatures over 100 degrees, however, with the arid air, it feels cooler than a summer day in Florida.

When deciding on Arizona, now you should find the perfect area for which to live. Many people settle on the Phoenix area, as it is a city. In a city, you will have proximity to doctors, hospitals, shopping, and dining. Living in Phoenix, you are still close to mountains and lakes.

Being a senior does not mean you have to settle down and stop living. You can still have a very active lifestyle, and live near other people who are just as active. The good thing is, now you can move into active adult communities in phoenix AZ, at the age of 55, which is hardly considered to be a senior. You get all the benefits of seniors without having to wait ten to fifteen years.

golfPhoenix Arizona, is a beautiful place to migrate to. There are professional sport teams, great coffee houses, metro transportation, golf courses, wildlife, awesome steak restaurants, along with diverse cultural restaurants, and more. Don’t forget the magnificent sunrises and sunsets, over the horizons. It is also home to five Fortune 500 companies, because let’s face it, maybe you are not retiring, but living a retiree’s dream.
Now that you have chosen Phoenix as your new place to live, it’s time to pick that perfect place for your active lifestyle.

There are several different options to choose from. There are assisted living, mobile home communities, villages that cater to assisted and independent living, and then the more active lifestyle communities.
PebbleCreek is one such community. It offers an abundance of amenities to choose from every day. They offer not one, but two golf courses, Eagles Nest, with a clubhouse, and Tuscany Falls which has a little bit more challenging course, also with a club house. The bonus of living at PebbleCreek is that you can choose to golf at all seven Robson resort golf courses at the same low resident rates. They are located throughout Arizona and Texas. So, you can go explore new areas and golf while you are at it.